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Control, Insights, and Metrics for Your Work-in-Progress Designs

We all know that working together is crucial to achieving our project targets. You need to ensure designers use your preferred parts that meet cost requirements or parts that are RoHS compliant. You need insights into the design process to ensure specifications are met, and issues are addressed. But we can't interrupt the design process with endless meetings and manual status reports.

Allegro® Pulse technology connects engineers, managers, and business stakeholders to work-in-progress design data. Everyone has near-real-time insights into their projects without creating manual reports or interrupting the designers.
  • Gather 50+ out-of-the-box project metrics and your own custom metrics on your designs automatically 
  • Management, engineering, and business stakeholders can view key performance metrics in easy-to-understand dashboards
  • Flag and track any issues within projects to ensure they’re completely resolved early and don’t become a late-stage crisis 
Shorten design cycles and time to market, rein in costs, and predict and mitigate risks. Allegro Pulse technology gives you the power and visibility you need to deliver a successful project.
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