Please find below a link to PDFs of the JUG 2020 customer presentations. 

Customer Presenter Presentation
 Intel  Evgeny Wiener  Scaling up Formal Verification with FV Engines Jobs in External Cloud
 Arm  Nicolas Phan  Arm Project Zero – Zero Security Flaws with Formal Methods
 Silicon Labs  Chester Yu  Design Bring-up without a Testbench: Leveraging TCL for Automated Checks
 TI  Noor Elahi  ORION – RegMap Verification Flow
 Intel  Sumit Kumar Kulshreshtha  A Novel Approach for Verifying a CNN Based Image Processor
 STMicro  David Vincenzoni  Formal Verification Signoff for Digital IP: Can We Use It?
 Intel  Hao Chen  A Novel Clock Gating Design and Verification Methodology to Ensure Safe Power Optimization
 Arm  Kamayani Rai  Safe Clocking: A Formal Approach to CDC and RDC Verification

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