Q: Cadence Learning and Support—what does that mean?
  • We have integrated Cadence Training’s Learning Management System and Cadence Support into a unified Cadence Learning and Support system.
  • The Cadence Learning and Support system is the one-stop shop for our customer's support and training needs, including our Online, Instructor-Led, and Blended/Virtual courses, Training Bytes videos, webinars, etc.
Q: What has changed in the system with regards to training?
  • The biggest change is that from now on, all Cadence customers with a support account can take Cadence online training courses for free. To get an idea of the system and see how to find your free online training, watch our Learning and Support Video.
  • There are no limitations, other than you must have a Cadence Online Support account.
Q: How do I register for Cadence Online Support?
  • On the Cadence Support Sign-In page, go to Registration Help, select Register Now, and complete the requested information.
  • You need an email address and hostID in order to sign up.
  • If you need help with registration, contact [email protected].
Q: How can I register for Cadence Online Support if I don’t have a hostID?
  • If you are a university customer working with the Cadence Academic Network, please contact your local Academic Network representative to request a reference key for registration.
  • If you are a Cadence channel partners/resellers customer, please contact your local channel partner representative to request a reference key for registration.
Q: What happens to my previous online course access if I don’t have a Cadence Online Support account?
  • You need a Cadence Online Support account to access the unified system. If you did not create an account before the system change, you won‘t have access to your ongoing online training/ other training anymore.
  • However, once you are registered for the Cadence Learning and Support system, you can take any online course(s) of your choice, free of charge.
Q: Where do I find the online courses in the Cadence Learning and Support system?
  • Log into support.cadence.com
  • Go to the Learning tab, click on Online Courses, and use the search field on the top or the course catalogue on the left side to find the right courses for your needs.
  • Online courses can be easily recognized by the E-LEARNING icon
  • For an overview of all training courses available, take a look at the Cadence Learning Maps
Q: How do I take free online training?
  • It is quick and easy: Go to the online course of your choice, click on Enroll, and get started.
Q: What happens to registered users and their active registrations to online courses?
  • Users taking an online course during the system change are registered into the course in the Cadence Learning and Support system, unless the online course has been declared end of life by the course developer.
Q: Do Online Training Collections continue to exist?
  • Collections no longer exist. Users need to locate the individual courses they want and launch accordingly.
Q: How does my software license limit online training access?
  • Lectures can be accessed by you, regardless of your software license. Lab exercises are downloaded and require you to use your software licenses to perform.
Q: Where do I go for online training support?
  • Same as before, you have an integrated support function within your online training course.
Q: Who do I contact for live training requests, virtual/blended training courses, etc.?
  • Cadence Training continues to provide public and private live training, blended training classes, and webinars for a fee. Your training contacts remain the same. Find your regional training contact.
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