You've heard the news: Cadence Fidelity CFD Software is the new comprehensive suite of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) solutions for multiple vertical markets, including automotive, turbomachinery, marine, aerospace, and others. Combining the expertise and technology gained from both NUMECA and Pointwise acquisitions with organic computational software expertise, Fidelity CFD unites all the technologies a CFD engineer needs to simulate the performance of multiphysics systems in a streamlined workflow.

If you haven't tried it yet, now you can finally watch Fidelity CFD in action during this 30-minute on-demand webinar:

  • Witness the user-friendliness of Fidelity’s graphical user interface with its intuitive toolbar, tree filters, monitors, and simplified scripting, and how this boosts designer productivity.
  • See how advanced import/export options facilitate migration from and to external tools
  • Learn how our unstructured mesh generation tool keeps improving, now with an integrated parallel distribution option to speed up meshing with no limit to the number of cores, and advanced mesh quality with fewer cells, with Pointwise and Numeca meshing expertise.
  • Discover some examples of our extended applications in hydraulic turbines and the external aerodynamics simulation of cars and drones.