Fidelity CFD Turbomachinery Design

Webinar Series


In this series of mini-webinars, we will demonstrate a wide variety of turbomachinery challenges that can be tackled with Fidelity CFD and how to do it fast and accurately. Through short sessions with hands-on demos and expert advice, learn how to push your designs and increase performance and efficiency.



On-Demand Webinars


Fidelity Turbo Webinar: Modeling Unsteadiness with Non-Linear Harmonics (50 min)

Learn why unsteadiness is important in turbomachinery design and how to model it fast and accurately.

Talking Turbo: Obtain Even More Precise & Reliable Designs with Rank-n (15 min)


Learn how to simulate unsteady phenomena across a theoretically limitless number of turbomachinery rows.

Talking Turbo: Aachen Turbine Simulation with Non-Linear Harmonics (15 min)


Learn how to simulate an Aachen turbine and its unsteady flows with the non-linear harmonic (NLH) method.

Talking Turbo: Fluid-Structure Interaction & Flutter (15 min)



Learn how to accurately model flutter with Fidelity Turbo using the non-linear harmonic (NLH) method.

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