Experience the Power of Virtuoso RF Solution – EM Analysis

Take a free step-by-step journey and learn how to analyze and simulate your RFICs and RF modules, all within the Cadence® Virtuoso® Design Platform. No software download needed. Sign up now for a free cloud-hosted trial on the Cadence CloudBurst™ Platform and see how Virtuoso RF Solution electromagnetic (EM) analysis can help you:

  • Use the Cadence EMX® Planar 3D Solver to characterize and model any passive device and use it in a Cadence Spectre® simulation
  • Use EMX Planar 3D Solver to characterize and model partial layout including selected instances and nets
  • Combine EMX EM models and Cadence Quantus™ Extraction Solution RC extracted models into a single unified cellview and run a post-layout Spectre simulation
  • Visualize currents and potentials of selected nodes/nets derived from a Spectre simulation onto a 3D canvas
  • Use the Cadence Clarity™ 3D Solver, a finite element method (FEM) solver, to characterize and model both IC, package, and board in a cross-fabric unified model and back-annotate it into a post-layout golden Spectre simulation

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