Enterprise Ready
Regardless of the size or location of your team, getting your designs to market quickly and accurately is the name of the game. Enable your team to shorten design cycles, improve productivity, and work collaboratively across time zones with Allegro. With our enterprise-ready suite of products, your team can ensure manufacturability success using real-time design data insights while tracking design changes across multiple teams and functions.
Correct by Design
Starting a new design can lead to lengthy design times, testing, and possible re-spins due to bad designs. But not every project has to start from scratch. By reusing known data, you can easily streamline your PCB design process and get to market with verified technology faster. Allegro PCB Editor can reuse constraints and verified IP from other projects. And coupled with our Signal and Power Integrity tools integrated into the analysis workflow alongside real-time manufacturing checks to identify potential manufacturing problems while in design, you can complete your design quickly and signoff with confidence.
Advanced Design
Why continue a manual PCB design process when it can be much easier? With Allegro, you can quickly complete complex routes on dense boards while avoiding rule violations and meeting electrical, mechanical, spacing, and manufacturing requirements. Allegro’s advanced toolset allows you to pack complex technologies into smaller areas, easily set up design rules to visually verify your unique requirements and manage analysis checks in real-time to identify and resolve any conflicts between signal lengths to complete your designs in a fraction of the time.
Innovative Platforms
Unite your workflows with the new Allegro X Platform. Built for all levels of electrical and hardware engineers, the new Allegro X Platform provides the highest productivity throughput with advanced features to enable easier and quicker collaboration across design teams and to provide the efficiency and speed necessary to maintain accuracy across the workflow. This next-generation platform can enable you to see enormous performance gains in your design while reducing your memory footprint all within one easy-to-use tool. The Allegro X Platform will change how you think and work through your design cycles.