Despite the nuances and individual contributions of any engineer on an electronic system, systems design is not an isolated field. Our System Analysis portfolio is geared toward enabling the crossover of engineers between field specializations like thermal, power, signals, and electromagnetics. Click on any options below to learn more about what we're currently examining in each field of analysis.

Power Integrity / Signal Integrity
In the ever-growing world of electronics, power integrity (PI) and signal integrity (SI) analysis tools are invaluable. But, especially as electronic systems become more complex, the need for interoperability between EM solvers, thermal solvers, layout and routing tools, verification tools, and your PI and SI analysis is growing more necessary. How do you ensure parasitics are stable, IR drop is managed, impedance is controlled, noise margins are ensured, and harmonics are balanced in the context of a massive electronics system while continuing to stay within your production timeline and cost?

Don’t get caught in the tangle between power sources and heat sinks, or between parallel buses and serial links. Utilize smart analysis over anything from ultra low power designs to high voltage power ratios. Ensure your signals can be measured in across frequency spectrums utilizing frequency, or time domains, or statistical analysis. The Sigrity AdvancedSI and Sigrity AdvancedPI tools each can provide the interoperable, system-level analysis you desire while saving you time and cost. 
Thermal Solvers
The integrity and reliability of your electronic products is of the utmost importance. And so it goes without saying, temperature control and thermal management on the system level (Chip, board, package, connectors, and more) is a constant need to manage. First and foremost, an accurate tool is indispensable. Yet oftentimes we are faced with tasks that want us to compromise our accuracy for the sake of efficiency and product delivery timelines. Working within powerful computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and finite element analysis (FEA) engines, you should never have to sacrifice accuracy for timeliness.

Discover the building blocks of your thermal challenges in order to resolve these problems quickly from the ground up. Then, engage your creativity to simulate the results in any imaginable environment to ensure device security. Trust in Celsius, the multiphysics thermal solver available from Cadence, to give you both your thermal management needs and wants. Check out the resources we have to work through anything from radiation challenges, cooling, thermal cycling, and heat flux, or learn more about how analytical functions like bayes optimization, lumped system analysis, or maximum likelihood estimation can assist your developments.

New and noteworthy innovations come by the minute in the fast-paced world of RF and Microwave designs. MMICs, RF power amplifiers, phased array antennas, FMCW and OFDM technologies, to name a few, keeping finding new ways to push 5G to 5G LTE to 6G networks. Whether it’s using powerful system design environments (for ICs, boards, and more), or necessary EM simulation tools to ensure device integrity and operability, you can rest easy with the accurate and efficient environments offered by Cadence.

No matter the GaN, GaAS, or SiGe materials, or the frequency bands (mmWave to ultra wideband), you can trust in Cadence RF/Microwave design tools to be optimized for whatever function you need to create. And if you’re an industry veteran or just looking to get started in your journey toward the wide world of RF and Microwave electronics, we’re sure to have resources available for you. With a host of whitepapers and webinars from industry experts as well as exploratory content on common or new technologies, strap in your signals and find a band you want to reside in.

EM Solvers
Whether you’re a veteran to electromagnetic (EM) field solvers, or a recent convert, Cadence has the resources to keep you moving forward. Utilizing our spread of simulation solutions, method of moments (MoM), finite element method (FEM), and finite difference time domain (FDTD), will enable you to specialize and optimize your designs ever further. Additionally, our EM solvers can be used within 3D, planar, and transient specific functions.

No matter what theory or equations (Galerkins, Poynting’s, Floquet, Nystrom, etc.), or mathematical method (absorbing boundary conditions, fast multipoles, polarizations, diffractions, and transmission-line matrices), rest assured that with our suite of system analysis options, you’ll be putting the EM in empowered. 

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