Within the broader Cadence® CFD ecosystem, we offer several assets outside of our products. The CFD industry at large requires creative problem solving, collaboration across departments and teams, as well as knowing when to admit something is outside of your expertise and you need some help. Thankfully, we are here to provide exactly this.

Cadence Pointwise Viewer
Use the freely available Cadence Pointwise™ Viewer to view virtually any mesh file in 3-D, display it in a variety of styles, and compute any of dozens of mesh quality metrics. Built-in mesh importers are available for two dozen formats, including CGNS, FUN3D, OpenFOAM, SU2, UGRID, and more. If your mesh format isn't available, an SDK is available for you to write your own mesh importer that appears in the GUI automatically at startup. You can display the meshes per your needs: wireframe, hidden line, solid fill, or shaded. Tools are available for measuring distances. Furthermore, you can assess the quality of your mesh by computing and displaying a wide variety of metrics, including Jacobian, skewness, size ratios, and more. Pointwise Viewer also provides geometry model viewing capability for models in ACIS, CATIA, Creo, IGES, STEP, SolidWorks, STL, and other formats.

Cadence CFD Consultation Requests
Cadence offers advanced consulting services, research, and innovation projects for everything from fluid flow and fluid/solid multiphysics analysis to full design and optimization projects. Our consulting engineers also understand meshing through extensive industrial applied CFD experience.

We provide high-quality solutions, targeted to your specific projects, and needs. Our expert team of PhD and Master-level engineers has successfully partnered with the most demanding of both large, global OEMs and small niche businesses, across a variety of industries.