Maintaining a data center that is reliable and cost-efficient—with the agility to accommodate shifting business demands and technological innovation—is a must. But these requirements can pull in opposing directions. Focusing on efficiency will affect resilience, and flexibility can be inefficient, potentially adversely affecting data center performance.

Cadence data center engineer specialists can help teams balance these conflicting parameters with a performance assessment. Our engineers will:
  1. Visit the data center for up to one day to assess the site and take the necessary measurements to calculate a PI score
  2. Collect systems data, evaluate measurements to build a conceptual model of the data center, and use physics-based simulation to assess performance
  3. Use their extensive experience to review findings, make observations, and suggest ways to improve data center performance

The deliverables include:
  1. A PI score based on The Green Grid’s Performance Indicator Level 3 parameters
  2. An explanation of the achieved PI score
  3. A set of recommendations to improve data center performance

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