How are you solving electromagnetic, electronics, thermal, and electromechanical simulation challenges to ensure your system works under wide-ranging operating conditions?

Every design can benefit from increased

  • Performance: Massively parallel execution, via the cloud or on premises, provides up to 10X performance gain and virtually unlimited capacity.
  • Accuracy: Equipped with true 3D model extraction and simulation that accurately depict the physical configuration of the system designs being modeled.
  • Integration: Easily reads design data from all standard chip, IC package, and PCB platforms, offering unique integration with Cadence implementation platforms

Contact the experts today to discuss advanced system analysis and simulation technologies such as:

  • Electromagnetic Solvers: Fast and accurate EM modeling and analysis for chip, package, PCB, and subsystems.
  • Thermal Solutions: Accurate and Fast electrical-thermal co-simulation across chip, package, PCB and enclosure.
  • RF/Microwave Design: Integrated high-frequency circuit, system and EM simulation and design technologies for developing RF/microwave IP.

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